Traffic LightI was speaking with a Communications contact recently. She shared with me that her organization’s HR function is going through a transformation. She wasn’t sure what it meant, but figured that it was some sort of reshuffling of the hierarchy. She told me that Communications’ role  was to prepare the org announcement at the end of that shuffle. Certainly, that might be the best approach for that organization, but what a waste! Corporate Communications can do so much more, playing a strategic role throughout the transformation process to enable success. An HR Transformation is a key change initiative. Very often, it’s a foundational step in a business strategy, which will have wider scope and deeper reach. It’s like the senior executives turn on a bright and flashing signal and announce, “Things around here are changing. Heads up!”

Yet, just like some drivers go through yellow or red lights, so too some Communications leaders ignore the signal. They think an HR Transformation involves HR employees only. Mistake. An HR Transformation impacts the entire organization, top to bottom, and has a  ripple effect outside the company’s walls. Everyone is participating in this process, whether they realize it or not.

That’s why it’s important to get an HR Transformation right. If well executed, the effort will bear fruit in terms of engagement, productivity, and brand advocacy and will deliver on business goals today, and ready the business for the future.

Communications can make the difference in accomplishing transformation success. So as a Communications leader, wouldn’t you want to be a strategic part of the process? Wouldn’t you hate being an after thought when it comes time for the org announcement?

Bring it, Communications executives! When you hear HR Transformation, grab the chance to serve as strategic business leaders, enabling the effort through world-class communication planning and execution.