BenefitsSince HR benefits administrators and the Internal Communications function are in planning season for annual enrollment, I posted about one aspect of benefits communications earlier this week. Then I read the Starbucks announcement that the company is moving employees to a private health exchange. Clearly, this is a profound shift for Starbucks employees, and how they perceive this change and understand their benefits will be important. I’m sure the Starbucks Internal Communications function is playing a vital role in the success of this effort. And I’m equally sure many other Internal Communications pros are just as hard at work on their companies’ benefits changes. All this reminded me that benefits administration communication is a specialized discipline, with internal and external audiences and specific objectives, so I thought it might be a good idea to collect a short set of articles on benefits communications.

I’ve gathered these few articles and posts, because they discuss the value of communicating benefits well, and offer some tips about ensuring benefits communications are effective. Of course, good communications practices and standards always apply, but you may find it useful to refresh yourself on the nuances of benefits communications. I hope you’ll find them good food for thought, and if you have suggestions to add, please let me know.