BLIC DiscussionThis isn’t about weight training or cardio.

It’s about using the budget development season as a time to review your internal communications key messages. This serves as a checkpoint to help ensure that your budget and messages remain in alignment. Why? You want to avoid the pitfalls of commitments that might seem fun, even intoxicating, but stray from the key messages. Likewise, you want to ensure that your key messages continue to complement the ways in which your organization is engaging and motivating your employees.

Your review exercise can be simple–a discussion with peers, reflecting your desire to ensure that your commitment to future work activities and your messages make sense. You’ve got to continue to highlight your company’s unique positioning and offerings, align with your mission, vision, values, and target your internal audience appropriately.

To structure your discussion consider what do you want employees to:

  1. Know ?
  2. Say?
  3. Do?

As you answer the questions, test the language of your key messages, and the data of your budget.

This simple exploration sometimes results in no changes, and confirms solid connections between planned efforts and key messages.

Occasionally, however, the discussion reveals opportunities to refine the budget or the language of your message ideas so that employees will continue to find them easy to understand and remain motivated to take action.

Try this simple  test. At the very least, you will gain confidence in the strength of your messages and your business plans and realities.