Podcasting is growing in popularity. If you’re not familiar with this medium, start listening.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has shared results from its latest study:

  • Awareness of podcasting is growing–currently, at 55 percent of Americans
  • Monthly podcast listening increased 23 percent between 2015 and 2016
  • 71 percent of Americans listen to podcasts on phone or tablet
  • 63 percent of podcast listeners say their opinion of a company is more positive when they hear about it via a podcast

These latest results build on a popularity surge that started in 2015, as Chris Giliberti, writing for Forbes, reported last year. And while the Pew Research Center points out the medium represents only a small portion of total listening time for Americans, it also affirms that podcasting awareness and reach is growing.

I was surprised, then, when some communications leaders I met recently said they weren’t listening to podcasts.

I hope you’re listening to podcasts, Internal Communications expert. But if you’re not, I recommend three communication-topic podcasts as your starting point. Download today, and listen during your commute this week. What you learn will help you stay current with trends and keep your work fresh and exciting, while you’re exploring this medium:

  • For Immediate Release Podcast Network–a hub of marketing, public relations and communications podcasts that seek to provide news, insight and inspiration.
  • ICology–featuring Chuck Gose, who interviews Internal Communications leaders on new and interesting approaches to engage and motivate employees.
  • Trafcom News Podcast–featuring Donna Papacosta on a variety of communications topics and practical applications.

While podcasting is not the solution for all internal communication challenges, it’s a viable tactic and should be considered when you strategize and plan an internal communication program. As I shared with you, data shows that podcasting acceptance is growing, and it may offer your company an innovative way to extend reach and deepen engagement with employees.

Will you try podcasting in your next communications campaign?