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Judith H. (“Judy”) Jones is a communications leader with extensive and diversified communications experience with increased leadership responsibilities over her career. She:

  • Has expertise in producing strategic and compelling communication and counseling executives on communication.
  • Has a proven track record of success in project management, change management and with employee constituencies.
  • Is known for creative approaches that cut through the noise, fostering internal networks of employees/champions, motivating cross-functional teams, demonstrating grace under pressure, working in a consultative/inclusive style, achieving objectives on time/on budget.

Opinions expressed on the blog are her own.

Contact Judy, if you would like to learn more about communications–executive, employee, human resources or change–or to discuss one of her case studies:

A Company Reorganizes
  • A company determined a new organizational design. Implementation success relied heavily on ensuring leaders across the enterprise remained aligned and on message, both internally and externally. A rigorous communications program, including principles, guidelines, advice, and detailed supporting materials, positioned leaders to speak with One Voice.
  • Bottom line? The company implemented the new organization design.
A Sales Organization Grows Revenue
  • Making a successful transition from price/cost selling to a new client-centric model required more than mere training. It needed an effective communications campaign to reinforce key messages, and help sales leaders serve as coaches. Discover how traditional communications tactics combined with new communication tools empowered sales leaders to help their employees implement a new methodology.
  • Bottom line? Sales increased in key verticals.
Employees Tell Their Own Stories
  • A CEO engaged with thousands of employees, live and online, to discuss a new set of values as part of a culture change initiative. Employees brought these values to life by writing and videotaping their own stories, which were then collected, curated and promoted. Check out how a crowdsourcing approach to communicating new values exceeded expectations and yielded hundreds of stories.
  • Bottom line? Employees recognized values and modeled desired behaviors.
A Grass Roots Campaign Gains Acceptance from the Bottom Up
  • Business leaders refreshed a  performance management program. Fast adoption of the refreshed program was key. Discover how a comprehensive change communications program hit the ground running, launching a grass roots effort that engaged thousands of employee volunteers and drove global adoption successfully.
  • Bottom line? An outstanding 95 percent performance review completion rate.
A Global Human Resources Team Transforms
  • A global HR function was engaged in a transformation so that they could deliver talent initiatives that would help achieve business objectives. Enabling HR voices from around the world have a transparent dialogue together was critical to success. Check out how an internal social media tactic enabled the Chief Human Resources Officer to reach his employees and engage in meaningful two-way communication.
  • Bottom line? Hundreds of HR employees actively participated in online conversations.
A Business Retains Key Talent During Change
  • During a period of business transformation, it was important for a division to keep its key talent. This set in motion several actions, including an event program and a supporting communications campaign to encourage networking and internal mobility. Learn how designing/managing events along with education about networking fostered a work environment that employees wanted to be a part of.
  • Bottom line? Voluntary turnover of key talent decreased.
 Good Internal Communications Practices Reduce Noise
  • Email traffic had reached epic proportions. Employees were confused by clashing messages and competing directives. They frequently missed important business information and calls to action. Find out how implementing good internal communications practices made the most of existing digital communication channels, harmonized timing, deconflicted messages and reduced unnecessary traffic.
  • Bottom line? Focus groups with employees indicated understanding and retention of important messages increased.
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Connect with Communications | Executive, Employee, HR, Change

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Connect with Communications | Executive, Employee, HR, Change

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Connect with Communications | Executive, Employee, HR, Change

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